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At Body and Bone we recognise the importance of trust and good relationships, and that is why we dedicate ourselves to make every client feel at home while providing highly professional services. Over the years we have built a strong relationship with various sports clubs, health clubs, medical clinics and corporate businesses. Find more about some of our partners and their experience with us:

The Rabbitohs

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The Rabbitohs players have completed their first of three DEXA scans as they prepared for a strong preseason before the competition kicked off in March 2017.

The Rabbitohs had another three DEXA scans throughout the year including one more at the end of preseason followed by a third midseason. The scan allows coaches and players to be accountable to their body composition and make sure players stay in shape for the season.

How do the players use it?

“The first thing we look at is if they above or below their (body fat percentage) threshold, because that involves an extra cardio session,” said Paul Devlin, the Rabbitohs high performance coach back in 2017.

“We also look at left and right imbalances, left arm versus right arm, left leg versus right leg, waist region in comparison to other regions and it gives just a lot more detail on where they’re storing fat, where they are building muscle and whether they’re not building muscle, we’ll obviously do second and third scans throughout the year just to maintain them”.

“We also do skin folds as well which have obviously been done for a number of years but this (the DEXA scan) has just got the real high accuracy and validity around it.”

Active Movement Studio

Active Movement Studio offers a wide range of services provided by the Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology staff allows AMS to tailor a program that is right for you giving you faster results. These services include Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Personal Training, Team Training classes and Pilates.

What does Physiotherapist Matthew Ah Chow from AMS say about the Body and Bone Services?

“The Body and Bone Dexa Scans are a crucial part of the value we add for our clients at Active Movement Studio. The simplicity of the reports, nutritional information and guidance from the staff create a positive experience around measuring weight and body fat percentage. As the Dexa Scan is the gold standard of measurement, both the clients and ourselves know the results they get are accurate and real!” says Matthew, AMS’s Exercise Physiologist.

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Nutrition Solutions Sydney

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NSS offers personalised services for individual’s to achieve and maintain positive behaviours and relationships with food. Their team of accredited Dietitian's also specialises in Sports Nutrition and cater specifically for Athletes, NDIS patients, Work Cover cases, and group educational sessions.

NSS Accredited Dietitian Marianne Ghattas tell us how she utilises the Body and Bone services to treat her patients:

"Body and Bone have provided excellent communications and services for our patients and have assisted them with achieving their dietary goals in a variety of ways.

The DEXA Body Composition Scan assists those patients of ours wanting to get an accurate measurement of their bone, muscle and fat ratios, in order to achieve goals such as lowering body fat percentage and increasing muscle mass.

Our patients have also benefited from using the DEXA Bone Mineral Density Test which is a fantastic service that has helped our clients test bone strength and identify weaknesses. For example to assist patients with Osteoporosis.

Finally, the Resting Metabolic Rate service has provided our patients with accurate results relating to their individual energy levels, such as how much energy they are burning at rest to determine how much food intake is required, and what dietary intervention is then needed to accommodate."


EllaWell is proud to partner with Body and Bone Clinics to support people living with and preventing diabetes. EllaWell is a one-stop Medical and Health Program for Obesity, Insulin Resistance, Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes Management in 4 Easy Steps

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Plus Fitness Macquarie Park

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Plus Fitness Macquarie Park services the health and fitness needs of all of our surrounding communities providing a corporate gym, fitness, Health, Personal Training, and group exercise class services to Marsfield, North Ryde, Ryde, East Ryde, Lane Cove West, Macquarie Park Business Centre, Lindfield, Denistone East and Macquarie University.

How the DEXA contributes Plus Fitness members?

“Dexa scans have been a great tool for our members to track their progress whether it be for weight loss, muscle gain or simply maintenance. It makes setting goals much easier thanks to the detailed breakdown of body composition, we also have witnessed members get really excited that they could see their results not only on the scales but with a physical copy of what their bodies are made of.”