Can testing your breath help lose body fat?

And the answer is simply YES!

Collecting data on health status has become a big trend after smartphone pedometers and fitness tracking devices hit the market. Measuring how many calories you burn during exercise surely is very helpful information, but what if you could also measure how many calories your body burns when you are resting? And even find out which fuel your metabolism utilize best - carbohydrates or fats?
The health and fitness industry is evolving quickly, and technologies traditionally used for clinical research are becoming widely available to the public. On the trajectory to a healthier life, you can now have your Resting Metabolic Rate tested, accurately measuring how many calories your body burns when you are sleeping or watching netflix. This technology is called indirect calorimetry and is available to you at Body and Bone in Sydney at an affordable price, utilizing the best testing device available on the market - CardioCoach by Korr.
It doesn’t really matter what weight loss program you go for, the main focus is always the same: calories in versus calories out. So getting to know your metabolic health will be key to manage your weight effectively.
With your individual data in hands (there are no equations or estimates here, just real measurements), you will know how your metabolism is working, if it is faster or slower than normal and if it is burning fat efficiently or not. Of course the test is no magic pill, but it will also provide you with the type of fuel your metabolism use to produce energy and help you avoid nutrition programs that don’t suit your body.
While most people look for metabolic testing to assist with weight loss/gain, when used in combination with DEXA body composition scans, this technology can help on management of chronic diseases, sports and performance, as well as healthy ageing.
The more information you have in hands, the better your nutrition and fitness strategies will be at helping achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Book in a Metabolic Test today by calling 1300 263 926 or go online on https://bodyandbone.com/resting-metabolic-rate-test to learn more.