Tracking body composition is key to find out if your training and nutrition program are being effective, and DEXA scans are the most accurate method available to the public for analysing the body. 

Different to common body scanners you find at your local gym, DEXA Scan technology doesn't estimate body composition, it actually measures your total fat, bone and lean mass. It gives you a detailed breakdown of your body composition by body part, accurately measuring mass in your arms, legs, torso, abdomen and hips. Your results will be accompanied by an image with colours indicating the distribution of mass around your body.

Have you tried all different strategies to gain muscle or lose body fat and end up getting nowhere? At Body and Bone you can also get your metabolism tested through Indirect Calorimetry. Find out if you have a slow metabolism or if you actually burn more calories than than average, so that you can follow a diet plan specific to your metabolic needs.

You can choose to have your individual macronutrient breakdown included in your initial consultation, so that you leave Body and Bone with all the tools you need to optimize your body!

For those who are serious about improving body composition or simply need evidence to track progress and stay motivated, at Body and Bone you will find the best DEXA scan services available in Sydney. Body and Bone DEXA Scan Clinic is located in Bondi Junction, only a 3 minute walk from Bondi Junction Station - only 10 min from the Sydney CBD. 

Call us on 1300 263 926 to book your first DEXA Scan. After getting to know this amazing technology you will never look back!

Stay healthy, 

The Body and Bone Team