Coronaviruses are more likely to infect those with a weakened immune system. Follow these easy steps to stay healthy and prevent/fight a possible viral infection.

This is essential, aim for 7 to 9 hours a night. Sleep helps your T cells (white blood cells) stick to and attack vital infections. Less sleep means your T cells might not get strong enough to fight back. We can suggest Zinc supplementation together with Magnesium bisglycinate to help you get some ZZZ and also strengthen your immune health.

It can cause your body to release extra cortisol, negatively impacting on sleep quality and therefore weakening your immunity. Also avoid panicking, it is the worst thing to do as stress and anxiety also lead to poor immune health.
Meditate every day, even if just for 5 minutes, to reduce stress levels.

Eat a healthy diet
Plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and good quality protein can increase immune function. Especially ingesting nutrients such as Vitamin C, B6 and E and Zinc. Good sources include: Oranges, Eggs, leafy greens, broccoli, avocados, apples, "free range poultry, grass fed beef, wild caught fish, nuts and seeds.
And Don't stock up on frozen meals, as they tend to be full of sugar and contain no healthy vitamins and minerals. Aim for fresh or even frozen vegetables alongside a portion of protein instead. Or cook and freezer your own meals!

Exercise regularly
This is a no-brainer as improving overall fitness can help boost your immune system. Even if you are at home, aim for 20-30 minutes a day of moderate exercise. Research has found that 30 minutes of exerted ice daily increases the number of white blood cells in the body. ***However, if you are ill, we advise you to rest and avoid putting too much strain on the body to promote recovery.

This is the time to do your part and contribute to the health of our community. Take the necessary measures to stay healthy physically and mentally, use hand sanitizer and practice good hygiene, avoid contact with all people if you’re feeling ill, and hopefully soon everything will be back to normal!