Gaining muscle isn’t as easy as you think, it requires you to be in a calorie surplus with the correct resistance training to match. The real question is: How long would it take to gain 5-10 kg of muscle mass?

So this can depend on a few things:
- your body type - how your body responds
- age, gender
- your current muscle mass
- whether you’re an advanced lifter or a beginner and of course genetics.

For a complete beginner 5-10kg could be achievable in A YEAR with the correct training and nutrition.
If you’ve got a lot of muscle mass already it might take 2-3 YEARS to achieve these types of gains. You also have to be in a calorie surplus alongside training otherwise your weight will stay the same making to even more difficult to achieve your goals.

Men and women build muscle differently, this is because men have a higher level of testosterone in the body compared to women. This means it will take women even longer than men to gain 5-10kg of muscle mass.

You may also get lucky and have really good genetics! The body might respond really well to the type of training and nutrition!

A DEXA scan will allow you to track your progress, making sure you are gaining muscle and not just gaining fat from eating extra calories. If this is the case you might need a Metabolic test to find out how many calories your body actually needs in order to gain muscle and minimise fat gain.

The main thing is to train hard, eat in a surplus and eat well, and allow recovery time!

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