Well, you know you have to start somewhere, so set yourself a health and fitness goal today!
Post festive season is the best time to get a baseline DEXA scan and measure your progress to see what you can achieved. Most people who come to our clinic, after going through a drastic change, say they WISHED THEY HAD A DEXA SCAN BEFORE GOING TO A DRASTIC CHANGE IN LIFESTYLE. Getting a DEXA scan at the beginning of your journey allows you to tailor more specific goals for either fat loss or muscle gain!

But weight loss should NOT be your New Year’s resolution, and here is why:
Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll look any leaner. You might lose both muscle and fat, therefore looking at overall body fat percentage is a better measure to use.
If you LOSE MUSCLE you might be at more risk of injury and it takes even longer to gain it back again.
Loosing EXCESS FAT whilst maintaining muscle mass is more beneficial and won’t require huge amounts of weight loss.
You can also ditch your home scales as weight will not change if you gain muscle and lose fat. A DEXA scan together with progress photos allows you to see if you are on the right track.
Tips for goal setting this New Year:
· Write goals down and keep referencing back to them throughout the year
· Make short and long term goals; where do you want to be in a years’ time?
· Create goals in all areas of life; work, fitness, hobbies etc.
· Make sure they are realistic and attainable
· Measure your goals/achievements as you progress
· Design goals you can accomplish with a friend or partner, this will make them more enjoyable and keeps you both accountable. This may also make you more competitive
· Don’t forget to reward yourself for accomplishing your goals

Stay Healthy,

Body & Bone