So when Moe arrived at our clinic towards the end of July he had no idea what he had let himself into. The crazy thing is one of his family members had booked the appointment for him after they had a DEXA scan done themselves.

In just 8 weeks Moe managed to put his unhealthy habits behind him and lost 5.2kg of fat and gained 3kg of lean mass.


Well firstly before Moe even entered the clinic he had no idea how important his health was and didn’t really acknowledge this. After being sedentary for a number of years his weight had creeped up and had found himself some unhealthy habits.

The results from his first DEXA scan gave him a bit of a scare. He found he was at increased risk of DIABETES and HEART DISEASE as his visceral fat (fat around de organs) came out above normal. He visited his doctor and they also explained he had “fatty liver” and that he was on the edge of more extreme health complications. This is when he decided something needed to change.

Straight after his DEXA scan Moe decided to get a personal trainer and committed to 7-days a week of exercise. He did a variety of cardio and resistance based training, similar to HIIT style training and rotated this between certain days.

This was definitely a big step out of Moe’s comfort zone, the training was extremely challenging. His personal trainer also wrote him a specific nutrition program tailoring calories and macronutrients for each week and related it back to the type of training he was doing. The first couple of weeks it was a case of getting used to healthy foods and being on a calorie deficit, throughout the 8 weeks he ended up increasing the calorie intake and being on a surplus and now consuming 3500 cals/day.

Not only did Moe manage to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, he did this going from a calorie deficit to calorie SURPLUS. He managed to gain 3kg of lean mass and decrease 5.2kg of just fat. General guidelines suggest between 0.8-1% change in body fat % a month is healthy progress and Moe managed over double that, -4.7% in 2 months. His main concern was the visceral fat, which has now reduced back into the normal range.

One big thing that he didn’t realise was, he kept getting acid reflux problems and had to take regular medication. Switching his diet up and now eating healthy foods meant he no longer needed to take the acid reflux tablets and it was his unhealthy eating which caused the problem all along. His sleep had got much better over the 8 week period and overall energy levels have improved significantly. He not only felt great he looked great and achieved way above normal changes in such a short time frame. This goes to show being determined and motivated can help achieve amazing results!

A big congratulation to Moe! Are you going to be the next person to have incredible results?

Stay Healthy!

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