About Body and Bone

Hello there, we are Body and Bone

A premier destination for body composition, resting metabolic rate and bone mineral density testing.

Body & Bone is a health-focused clinic conveniently located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, in the heart of Bondi Junction. We pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of Body Composition Analysis, Bone Mineral Density Testing, and measuring of Resting Metabolic Rate, with an unwavering focus on accuracy, convenience and affordability.

Our philosophy is to provide individualised services for each client, utilising the very best equipment, and only employing qualified and fully-accredited staff to perform tests and scans.

The Body and Bone difference means you get more than just a DEXA scan from us – you also get a consultation with our Licensed Practitioners who are experienced and qualified to interpret your scan results, while giving you helpful health advice!

The Body and Bone medical approach to health and fitness has raised the standards of safety, professionalism and effectiveness within the fitness industry and is regarded as a leader in ‘best practice’ methodology.

Our Staff

Our Staff

Sarah Perry

Qualified Exercise Scientist

Sarah completed her bachelor degree in Sports & Exercise Science and master’s degree in Sports Therapy at Leeds Beckett University. During this time at university Sarah showed a keen interest into bone mineral density (BMD) and body composition. She focussed her research on retired athletes and the effects prior sporting background had on BMD and body composition.

Alongside university Sarah has actively been involved in sport and physical activity since a young age. Competing in Gymnastics to an elite level for 15 years and coaching for 8 years. Being involved in health and fitness for numerous years has made her passionate to help others achieve their goals and reach targets by sharing her knowledge and educating others.

Jocieli Reis

APD and Clinic Manager

Jocieli is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with a passion for wellbeing and good food. In her practice she ties evidence based information with simple dietary advice encouraging healthy eating and helping clients making better food choices. Jocieli also has an interest in fitness and movement, she is committed to help clients improve their overall health and wellbeing, focusing on quality of life and sustainable lifestyle changes. As our Clinic Manager, Jo passionately believes in our mission to provide the highest quality of customer care in a space that provides exceptional client service and education.

Adam Patterson

Qualified Exercise Scientist

Having been obsessed with sport and physical activity from a young age, Adam has decided to put this energy and enthusiasm into practice, having completed his degree in Exercise Science and gaining experience in lifestyle coaching. His ambition in this role is to put a framework in place for others to fulfil their potential, through detailed, varied and sustainable dietary and activity guidance.

A word from Body and Bone founder Jeff Gibson

Jeff Gibson

They say in life that sometimes you choose your career and other times your career chooses you.

Well you could say that DEXA and Bone Densitometry were in my blood.

Before I had even finished primary school I was already immersed in the first generation DEXA systems; a family member who had a keen interest in this modality ensured that.

After finishing University I proceeded to focus on medical imaging, but specifically DEXA. The technology and the industry but most importantly the lack of information that existed was what drew me to it.

DEXA was still new and every “Guru” had their own view on what was the best machine and why. There was a lot of bias and self-proclaimed experts and as such, I wanted to find out for myself everything I could about both Bone Densitometry and Body Composition.

This has taken me on a 22 year path of discovery that has covered all manner of fat and bone estimation including near infrared technology, bio impedance, skin fold, ultrasound and X-Ray.

The investigation process opened my eyes to the fact and myth behind many technologies.

It was astounding what certain experts passed off as fact when it was nothing more than myth. There was a major disservice being done in the industry and customers who craved information were being fed false statements and poor service.

I had made a life out of this speciality. I was an application trainer for the Australian and New Zealand Bone Mineral Society (ANZBMS). I am an applications specialist on pQCT, DEXA and ultrasound. I also became fully accredited as a DEXA service engineer. Not only did I want to know how they worked from the outside, I wanted to know everything under the surface also.

From there I became one of only a very small handful of specialist government accredited DEXA Trainers. The course I run enables potential operators to become licensed, basically to host this course you have to have an exceptional knowledge of everything DEXA and for that knowledge to stand up to the scrutiny of government accreditation.

I was using this training, this knowledge to sell DEXA systems and train people on how to get the most from their machine and offer the highest level of service to their clients.

I could control the way my course was run, I could control the content, however I could not control what they then took to the market or how they performed their services.

In 2015 I decided to change all of that and opened my first clinic. A clinic that would provide the technology and service that I thought my clients expected and deserved.

A technology that was higher resolution and up to 40 times lower in radiation dose than other competitor clinics. Coupled with a consultation service that put everything in plain English, backed with scientific fact and not popular science.

That is where Body and Bone was founded.

Bringing a culmination of over 20 years specialist knowledge into one venue where our most valued clients could be provided with the information they need to make a profound change in their life, their training and their health.

If you can’t measure it, then you can’t manage it.

- Jeff Gibson